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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Look what I've found.

Under the cloak of "Examples of Expression-Oriented Programming" recent versions of the Example Library of the ABAP Keyword Documentation contain three ABAP games.

Jaw Breaker

Not too demanding but colorful ...

Mine Sweeper

Time-honored and well known ...

2048 Game

A recent smart phone game and a real challenge ...

Wanna play?


          (The examples from the 7.50 documentation can rely on 7.50 features. For 7.40, there are 7.40 examples).

  • If you have a release older than 7.40, you can copy old fashioned 7.00 source code from the  attached text file . Maybe you also have to replace the usage of CL_DEMO_INPUT with PARAMETERS then.

Only outside working hours, of course.

Wanna Contribute?

Maybe, the pattern used in these games (usage of CL_ABAP_BROWSER etc.) motivate you to create some other games?


Due to the discussion below (thanks enno.wulff!) I adjusted the HTML output of


in Release 7.50, SP03. You find the new sources in the attached text file .

Hopefully, those run for all combinations of SAP GUI and IE. If not, next round ...