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Hello community,


I’m very proud to announce the successful relaunch of our SAP UX Explorer . If you haven’t heard about this self-service tool before, you might like to start with our new introduction video.


Let me summarize the major improvements in the new SAP UX Explorer.

SAP UX Explorer is part of the SAP digital experience family

SAP UX Explorer now adheres to the new SAP digital experience guidelines. You probably noticed the announcement on the new earlier this year. Re-inventing was just one of many milestones in a journey intended to transform SAP’s digital landscape to make it easier to consume. We are happy to have signed up for this journey a few months back. Supported by Maggie Fox’s organization, we had the opportunity to align with and other websites from the SAP digital experience family. Beside the visual alignment, this improvement process also helped us to further simplifying the consumption of our content.



Valuable information can be found much quicker


The new SAP UX Explorer puts much more focus on the search function. Besides “watching videos”, “getting answers” and “browsing topics”, I find that the search function is the most important point to start your exploration from. It can immediately guide you to a specific topic or maybe to a question that you already had in mind.

Topics can be explored and compared far more easily


As stated before, we also simplified the way you can use the Explorer. Many of our users already like the SAP UX Explorer because of three facts:

  • They can quickly find answers to UI technology or UX strategy questions

  • They can quickly understand how various topics are related

  • They can quickly compare topics

We were forced to realize however that many users did not know how to compare and how to explore the relations. It turned out that these feature were very helpful, but not exactly easy to find. The new design places more emphasis on the relations, with a dedicated section in each topic view.

The My Favorites and comparison functions are now located at the very top of each page, thus making them much easier to find.

New types of information are available


SAP UX Explorer has always been a great source of information. It provided an easy way of finding out about the features, benefits, screenshots, roadmap or learnings available for a certain topic.

With the new SAP UX Explorer, you will find even more information, such as:


  • Technical Requirements
    Provides a direct link to relevant content of the Product Availability Matrix (PAM).

  • Blogs
    Provides a collection of relevant blogs posted in SCN or the SAP UX Community.

SAP UX Explorer content remains under continuous improvement

After spending most of our last months improving the UX Explorer as a tool, we will now return to enhancing the actual content. As one of the next content improvements, we plan to incorporate architectural and integration aspects.


Stay tuned for more improvements coming soon.

All the best,

Jürgen (follow me on Twitter: @JJComment)



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