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Hi All,

We would like to invite you to join the great UI survey of 2012. This survey reviews which (SAP) UI technologies you are using in your company to develop your customer web applications and as important - which technologies will you use when starting a new project. This is the second time we are doing this survey, the last one done a couple of years ago, so the results of this survey will be very interesting both to understand which technologies are being used and to see what can we learn from the 'trend' compared to the previous survey. The Survey is conducted together with ASUG, under the umbrella of the ASUG NetWeaver UI Influence Council (which is headed by karin.tillotson2 and myself) and after the first phase of gathering the feedback from the ASUG development SIGs, we are now opening it up to the entire community.

The results of this survey will be presented at the 2012 ASUG Annual Conference in Orlando, in an anonymous and summarized fashion, so no worries.

SAP will be using the results of this survey as input to our development strategy to better understand what our customers are doing with UI (as part of the Influence process).

So - what are you waiting for? Time to influence - click here to access the survey.