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Recently there was a request to display more then one cl_salv_table on screen with headers.

Not able to display Header Details using cl_salv_table class by idrisahmed

Display multiply cl_salv_table on screen ? Doing that is not complicated (e.g. Using cl_gui_splitter_container) .

Here is a sample:

But the requirement was also to present some header info using cl_salv_form_layout_grid.

Here is a sample:

I tried to create the required output but with no luck.

Then I saw this Adding header to alv(factory) in container that led me to believe that I am fighting a lost battle.

Well..... Time for some workaround.

Program Y_R_EITAN_TEST_08_23 is using cl_gui_splitter_container that is made up of 4 rows.

Row 1 and 3 are filled using cl_gui_html_viewer and are used as headers (replacement to cl_salv_form_layout_data_grid) .

Html allows formatting and colors to make any user happy....

You can adjust the initial height of the splitter rows using cl_gui_splitter_container->set_row_height .

Row 2 and 4 are filled using cl_salv_table .

And here is the result:



The program use a status named STATUS_COMMON

All the functions are "Exit Command"