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It was friday , A famous day where people look at their watch 3 times more than often.

And techie like us try some R & D.

for me Last friday , target was OLE statements :

If you are not sure what is OLE , then let me tell you in short: its used to talk with presentation server. The ABAP processor normally buffers all successive OLE statements and sends them in a bundle to the presentation server and it will be executed there. Like : speech , excel integration etc..

For Text to Speech i created an object :

create object voice ‘SAPI.SpVoice’.

which is used while calling a method "Voice".(which converts the Text to speech )

The Report which i created had a simple selection screen for a meeting request.

Like : meeting name


          Start time & End Time.

and a validation : "meeting Start time should be less than meeting EndTime".

Copy paste the below report , and try entering meeting End Time less than meeting Start time.

this time with a normal error message display you can hear the error message too.

* copy the text elements
*P_DATE   Date
*P_MEND  Meeting End
*P_MNAME  Meeting name
*P_MST    Meeting Start
report ztst_schedule_meeting.
tables : zmeetings.
include ole2incl.
parameters : p_mname type char20.
parameters : p_date type dats.
parameters : p_mst type sy-uzeit.
parameters : p_mend type sy-uzeit.
data : ole type ole2_object,
voice type ole2_object,
text   type string.
data : lv_time type t.

at selection-screen.
create object voice ‘SAPI.SpVoice’.
if p_mend < p_mst.
text = ‘Meeting Start time should be less than meeting End Time.’.
call method of voice ‘Speak’ = ole

exporting #1 = text.
  message ‘meeting Start time should be less than meeting End Time’ type ‘E’.