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...this might be a little sloppy, I hope it is still worth reading and beneficial.

If you created DDIC-objects (tables, structures, appends...) in the past, there's a chance you might have forgotten to set the enhancement category (You get a warning at activation, but that is easily ignored!).

So, at one point you want to correct that. How to find this objects?

It's easy: dd02L-exclass = '0' .

You might start with SE16n, I started with a report. (As you know, I like reports, and since I am using a template, I can create them very fast and nice/clean/solid at the same time. ).

So this is my get_data:
select * from dd02l
into CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF table ct_data
where tabname in so_tabna
and exclass = 0

This worked, by I realized that I don't care for all objects missing the enhancement category, only for mine/ours!

If that could be identified by name (say all begin with : ZZ_team1* ), I'd be done already.

However, in my case the identifying part is the component of the package (tdevc-component).

That means I have to join TADIR (to get the package) and TDEVC into my select.

In the old days, I would have started changing my select, adding joins and so on.
But i reconsidered, thinking about CDS-views and stuff, and chose a different path! be continued!

[Edit: here: ]