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Requirement - We need to design the table in sap adobe forms in below format (assume)

Header -


with body design as

Body -


ROW3 | ROW4 | ROW5 | ROW6 | ROW7 | ROW8

with the table approach (wizard. Table creation from palette) above is not feasible.

So have opted the sub forms table design and created the 3 sub forms :  1 for header and 1 for body and 1 for table where we can place both header and body sub forms.

Requirement is - header should has to flow to subsequent pages whenever data flows .

Firstly I have designed the table, header and body sub forms as flowed, With this approach, headers are not at all flowing to subsequent pages whenever data flows.

To achieve that , correct approach is -

  1. Table sub form should be flowed

  2. Header sub form should be positioned

  3. Body sub form should be flowed

In the Body sub form ->pagination -> Overflow Leader -> we need to give Header sub form name which ever has to repeat for subsequent pages.

With this approach we can able to design Tables ( headers/body) in our customized ways and also able to repeat headers of the table to sub sequent pages when ever data flows.




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