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Huh? Are there actual build artifacts in ABAP?


Well, inside the traditional SAP ABAP systems, everything is stored in the database, and everything is compiled automatically.

However, outside the system, eg. storing files with abapGit fit is possible to transmogrify artifacts, examples:

This gives new files, which can also be stored in git. But, sometimes on GitHub, it is difficult to reuse files across multiple private repositories. Sharing in other ecosystems is typically done via a central registry/artifact store like npm or Maven.


ORAS can be used to store any files in a OCI registry. It is a sandbox project under Cloud Native Computing Foundation, creating open specifications and tools. Much like the docker cli, it can push and pull files to a registry.

Many git/hosting providers offer OCI registries, so you most likely have a registry part of your infrastructure already.


For testing, I created a GitHub action,

That automatically stores a hello world text file to


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