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Go to T-code SPPFCADM or one can go via SPRO->Cross Application Components->Reusable Objects and Functions->PPF Adapter for Output Management->Maintain PPF Settings

Fig 1

Select the relevant application and click on define Action Profile and Actions

Fig 2

In the screen we can see three selections Action profile->Action Definition and Processing Types

Fig 3

Choose relevant action profile according to the requirement and click on action definition.

Here one can see many action definitions if the requirement is to create then one can create the action definition.

Fig 4

In my case I am creating one action definition

Fig 5

Fig 6

Click on the new action definition and click on processing types

Add assignment as method call and click on create implementation which is present in bottom right

Fig 7

Fig 8

In this screen it will display list of BADI…a new implementation needs to be created by clicking on create button which is present in bottom right.

Fig 9

Create the BADI Name and filter condition

Fig. 10

Then another screen appears and click on will ask for package and TR.

In the execute method which is highlighted insert the code for action which needs to be performed


Now go back to the screen and select the BADI which was created recently


Next step is the schedule condition step. It is the condition on which condition the action should be triggered.

Select application and press button Condition Configuration (Transportable Conditions ) as mentioned in previous step


Press button Technical Names and double click on action profile which was used and go to Edit mode

Press Create and select your action definition from the drop-down list


Inside the processing details one can see the BADI which was created already


Go to the tab schedule condition and click on edit condition you may get a popup like this.

Create an implementation like before by clicking on bottom right button create.



Give the implementation name and schedule condition accordingly.



Write the code inside the BADI implementation as on what condition the action should be triggered.

Fig 18


After creating the BADI schedule condition now add it inside the schedule condition

Fig. 19

Click on save.

Here the schedule condition instead of BADI one can use condition parameter also where one can define the structure or BRF + table and add values which are relevant for triggering the condition.

In this way one can create action and schedule condition in PPF


You can follow below community posts for queries and suggestions related to ABAP.


After reading this blog you will be able to create PPF action, schedule condition

Please feel free to suggest if any correction is needed:)
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