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Step1 Create a new form interface in tcode SFP

Click tab "Interface",add a new attribute QRCODE_INPUT with type string for Form Interface - Import. This attribute is used to hold the content input by end user which will be used to generate QR code. Activate the interface.

Step2 Create a new form template in tcode SFP

Specify the interface you created in step1 as its interface:

In Context tab, drag the attribute QRCODE_INPUT to form Context:

Click tab "Layout", drag a QR Code control from Adobe Form Designer Object Library:

Specify its data binding from context attribute which we drag from form interface in step2:

activate the form template.

Step3 Create a new ABAP webdynpro

It has one text edit which allows end user to input some string which will be used to generate the QR code, a button to trigger the PDF generation, and an interactive form element to display the rendered PDF with QRCode.

Select the interactive form element, maintain the template source with ZPF_GRCODE we created in step2, choose Yes to let framework to generate the necessary context for us:

Bind the text edit to the automatically generated context attribute:


type some test string and click Generate button, the generated QR code is displayed in the interactive form element.

and I can use the QRCode scanner installed in my cellphone to parse the QRCode successfully.