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One small requirement I got recently is to check the source of the customized field for the Logistics information System (LIS) table SXXX.

Pure code search

By where-used list, we can get a list of the standard programs which has some update statements related to the SXXX table (for my case, it's the field ZZBOMIND for BOM indicator of S963 table). If can't find out here, then try where-used list or run like program RS_ABAP_SOURCE_SCAN as background job with Key field UPDATE SXXX.

By tracing those value assignments, it's easy to find out all those fields using a similar routine to fetch and assign the value like  PERFORM MCV2_989(SAPFMCVF).

Go inside the subroutine, this is the customized logic for this customized field.

How it defines &configure at the front-end

Table from S001 to S500 is SAP Pre-defined and from S500 to S999 is Customized; Those tables can be used as additional table source for report purpose, been updated by SAP or customized methods when system process/store standard tables like orders item table VBAP. (check this for more)

MC21 - Create InfoStructure

Go to MC24/MC25:

Create and assigned the customized routine, and the routine number 989 is the same source place found by code search. (TCODE:mc1e)

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