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Recently I am involve in a very big project and we are discussing ways to code in old fashion user exit (form exit ,functions).

One of the options is to use BADI within the enhancement framework .

I became aware of this idea from  A framework for local/region specific requirements in user-exits using BAdIs and the new enhancement.... by bruno.esperanca

This small blog post will present an idea how to sort the BADI implementation prior to execution.

For code See attache program Y_R_EITAN_TEST_51_18

The basis of the idea is based on the fact that internal table IMPS that contains the implementations is public.

In the BADI interface we can create a method that will give the implementation the option to return its sorting value .

FORM test_01 is "regular" call .

And the result:

FORM test_02 is "sorted" call .

From each implementation we get the result of get_sort_value to create the a sorting table .

We sort the implementation in descending order .

And the result:

It seems to be working .

Mind you that this sorting code was not tested in actual production environment .


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