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While data security is top of mind (and should be) for companies and consumers, many organizations are finding that cloud-based computing delivers not only promised agility, but also surprisingly, peace of mind. Ann Miller-Rauch, Vice President of Global Talent Management at Software AG, said her company’s human resources organization was initially motivated to consider the cloud so it would be independent of the IT department. People – 4,000 employees in 70 countries – are the German-based software company’s most important asset, integral to its focus on customer-centric innovation.

“Data security is a big topic right now and one of the biggest questions is if it was going to be safe having our HR data in the cloud and it has been,” said Miller-Rauch. “We’re a European software company and have high standards. We’ve been in the cloud since 2011 so I can say it works and our data is safe.”

Speaking during a recent broadcast of the video series, “Firing Line with Bill Kutik,” Miller-Rauch shared her thoughts about Software AG’s move to SuccessFactors Talent Management, a cloud-based solution. The discussion with Bill Kutik, who is also an HR Technology Columnist for Human Resource Executive magazine, included how her company found the quickest route to employee acceptance of cloud-based HR, along with the special skills in her background she credits with her ability to navigate the software industry. Watch the complete video here.

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