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In the "SMW0" transaction code, I encountered an error deleting an object. I solved this error by debugging. I wanted to share this solution with you.

The error I encountered:

Category                        : ABAP programming error
Runtime Errors               : RAISE_EXCEPTION
ABAP Program               : SAPMWWW0
Application Component  : BC-CI-WEBR

-Short Text

Exception condition "TEXT_TOO_LONG" triggered

Cause of Error:

There is a pop-up screen that will appear when the delete button is pressed. There is an error in the data type of the object that will bring the data to this screen.The object is requesting 70 characters of data, but the data is 255 characters.That's why you take a dump.

The fundamental solution to the error:

You need to repair the "POPUP_TO_CONFIRM_WITH_VALUE" function. We expect a note from SAP for this. This function is now used with the "POPUP_TO_CONFIRM" function.

Step - 1

First we go to the se37 transaction code. We call the "POPUP_TO_CONFIRM_WITH_VALUE" function. In this function, set the break point of the session to the " Call Function 'Text_Split' " section.The reason we do this is to call the "POPUE_TO_CONFIRM WITH VALUE" function of the pop-up screen with the delete button in the SMW0 transaction code.

( Step 1 / img-1)

Step - 2

Select the object we want to delete from the SMW0 transaction code and press the "delete" button.

( Step 2 / img-2)

Step - 3

After pressing the button, you will come to the debug screen.

( Step 3 / img-3)

Step - 4

Here we double click on the "TEXT" object and enter the "Text" object in the variable display.

( Step 4 / img-4)

Step - 5

We delete the "-" character at the end of the error and save and continue.

( Step 5 / img-5)

Step - 6

Press "F8" after recording. Then "Do you want to delete the object?" pop-up window will open. After pressing the Yes button, you will see that the object has been deleted.

( Step 6 / img-6)


You can solve your problem by following the steps that I said.

-Best Regards
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