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Forms usually have certain fixed sections like Company Logo, Company Address at the Bottom, Bank details, Legal requirements (like FSSAI number in case of Food materials in India), certain Warnings (like ‘Dangerous goods, Handle carefully’) etc. which go through changes/updates periodically. Tracking and tracing which forms have what text maintained becomes a tedious process especially when the Project has moved to Maintenance phase and the Customized Smartforms are high in number. There is, currently, no means to track the Texts or Logos in the smartforms i.e. in short you will not find a WHERE-USED for Standard text(Transaction code - SO10) and Graphics Logos(Transaction code - SE78).

SO10 – No WHERE-USED as can be seen in the screen-shot below:


SE78 – No WHERE-USED as can be seen from the screen-shot below:

A few of the Time-Consuming activities that ensue as a result are:

  1. To find Smartforms with a particular standard text

  2. To find Smartforms with a particular Graphic/Logo

  3. To find Smartforms without a particular standard text

  4. To find Smartforms without a praticular Graphic/Logo

  5. Find a specific Text in a Form

  6. Find a specific Logo in a Form

and so on....

A UTILITY program has been developed which handles the above issues mentioned. This can be used by Development as well as Functional team alike. Below illustration is from a Development perspective but if someone is only aware of the Output type and not the actual Form name, can also use it using the Output type field on the Selection screen.
Selection Screen of the Program looks as below:


Snapshot of how each of the above Functionality works -

  1. Find Text in Form

  • Selection screen details

Using only Application may cause long Run times as all Forms & relevant texts would be retrieved

  • Output

  • Choose a record and click on ‘Get full Text’ to view the Text content


2. Find Graphics/Logo in Form

  • Selection screen details

  • Output

  • Choose a record and click on button 


3. WHERE-USED List for SO10 Text or TM

      a. SO10 Text

  • Selection screen details

  • Note:On the above Selection screen for SO10, Entering the Language is optional i.e. if Language is blank and text is maintained in different languages in different forms, all would appear.Else if the Language is filled then all Forms with this language and Dynamic(using some variable) would only be displayed. Other Language Text(other than EN like DE, PT in the above case) inclusive Forms would be ignored. WHERE-USED would take considerable time hence using the Prefix Restrict or Application Restrict would help quite a bit

  • Output                                                                                                                                         

      b. Text Module

  • Selection screen details

  • Output                                                                                                                                        


   4. WHERE-USED for Graphic/Logo

  • Selection screen details

  • Output

5. Smartforms not NACE configured

It is sometimes a challenge to track the smartforms used in Reports and not configured as Output types in NACE. This button gives the option of displaying the non-configured smartforms in the system

  • Selection screen details

  • Output


Extra Functionality:

In the report Output, on click of the Form name, the Application and Output type configured can be seen as below –

You may find the Code snippet(its a bit long) at the below link:

It may take some time to install but have maintained some inputs regarding the objects. Hope it helps & worth the effort for you!

Once installed, you can add/delete/modify functionalities in the program to suit your need
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