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This is a short blog about the limitations of Olingo oData 2.0, Which i came across while implementing the Olingo OData 2. Refer the previous blogs on Olingo OData 2.0 implementations using JPA based applications.

  1. As of now, aggregations is not possible with Apache Olingo OData 2.0.

  2. Calculation views in Apache Olingo OData 2.0 exposed as tables unlike XSODATA.

  3. Getting metadata of calculation views is still not possible with Olingo OData 2.0 as it assumes the calculation view as tables in Java.

Still we can modify the metadata of calculation views by custom annotations approach in JAVA. Which I have already implemented by using custom annotations In that case whenever any changes in the calculation view has to be added in the JAVA. The limitations would be that we may have the metadata like XSODATA but aggregations and dimensions is not possible with the current versions.

As of now I have came across through these limitations only but, I will keeping updating this blog based on any new limitations which I came across.

If anyone came across any new issue, Please post in the comment sections.

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