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     Architecture of a technical design plays a crucial role in any project development of a SDLC. Its long time now, Organisations have matured up in their In-House Software Teams rather going for a client support. And almost a number of companies have their own well built IT-Support team. Not only restricted to the Network related issues, but even to handle daily chores ERP Related business issues.

     In Order to satisfy

  • Emerging business needs,
  • Compatibility and adaptability issues with upgrades,
  • To catch with the bench mark status in technology,

     Organisations have to opt for the consulting companies for the Roll Out and phase development activities. The critical phase arrives with coordination at the time of Handover from the project team to the support team. The support team has to adopt the new development objects in continuation to the existing support they carry in day-to-day chores.

To overcome the ambiguity, and ensure smoother transition, following plays crucial importance.

  • Follow of unique and precise architecture for all the development.
  • Integration of the support team in all crucial phases of the development.
  • Separation of business logic from Database Fetch and GUI handling.
  • Ensure proper provisions for ease of modifications and enhancements for future needs.
  • Adopting dynamic code built where possible.
  • Provision of code (commented) for any general extensions that usually arrive in future. per say, addition of a button on the GUI/Report display.
  • Avoid obsolete and outdated platforms.

Examples for Reporting using ALV follows soon...

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