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This blog contains the step-by-step process to update the withholding tax of an accounting document using 'BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_CREATE'.

We generally use to analyze a lot to update the data in withholding tax of any accounting document.

We can simply create/update the withholding tax data by simply passing 2 required parameters to the FM 'BAPI_INCOMINGINVOICE_CREATE'.

The parameters are:

Parameter 1: HEADERDATA

Pass the supplier (LIFNR) of the PO to HEADERDATA-diff_inv

We can pass the PO number into EKKO table and get LIFNR


Pass the supplier of the PO to table LFBW and fetch WITHT and WT_WITHCD.

Pass these values to WITHTAXDATA.





Below code snippet can be used for our scenario:

headerdata = ls_header "PO Header dataIMPORTING
invoicedocnumber = lv_invno "Invoice posted
itemdata = lt_item "PO Item data
withtaxdata = lt_whtax "with holding tax data
return = lt_return. "Return table for messages


After successful creation of invoice, the withholding tax data will be populated in withholding tax tab.

We can navigate to withholding tax by below path:

Go to ME23N->Purchase Order History tab->click on invoice->Click on Follow-On Documents->A pop up will come then double click on accounting document->double click on the entry which have PK(Posting Key) value as ‘31’-> there we can see the button for ‘Withholding Tax Data’.

We can pass our accounting document number to database table WITH_ITEM and see the withholding tax data here: