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In this period I'm involved in many upgrade projects and one of the biggest effort is to adjust ABAP copied from SAP standard ones that I call CLONEs.

In my experience pure custom ABAPs require few adaptations (obsolete statements, obsolete function modules and so on),modifications are also well managed by modification assistant but rearranging clones is a nightmare! They usually contain a lot of INCLUDEs and call a lot of Function Modules that change so much during the upgrade.

The first step to solve a problem is to know where it is. In this case it means to have a working list of CLONEs.

Sergio Ferrari, colleague of mine and SAP mentor, suggested to me to have a look to the function module 'RS_COMPARE_WORDS_SIMILAR';it is very powerful and during a night I developed the report that follows.

We extended it with a lot of other logic andit’s now part of the Techedge X-RAY toolbox that we use to analyze SAP ERPsystems before upgrades and EhP.

The Simple ABAP Clone Hunter (lite), that I’mgoing to share with the community, tries to match each custom ABAP object witha standard one comparing the report name.

The scope of this report is not to identify univocally a standard one but is to give a rated list of possible matches.

Selection screen:


Thanks to Sergio Ferrari for the support

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And now Enjoy!!!!!

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