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Scharpen your ABAP Editor for Test-Driven-Development (TDD) - Part IV.

Tips and Tricks for using the Object Navigator

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What else can help?

In my previous Blogs I described what is necessary for sharpen your ABAP Editor to use successful TDD. In this Blog I will show you:

  • Autocompletion
  • Drag & Drop
  • Navigation
  • Navigation stack & Worklist

Tips and Tricks for using the Object Navigator

I´ve tried to implement some methods and techniques in my daily work as an agile ABAP Developer. Some works for me and some works for others :smile:

Autocompletion in SE80

Imagine that you follow the clean code suggestions and try to use self describing variable names. But if you have to write longer names than it could happen that you forget some letter and you got an syntax error...

The Solution is easy, try to use as often as you can the Autocompletion by hitting the Keyboard-Functions (CTRL + Space)

you don´t have to write the syntax word complete, just Hit the Keyboard-Functions and you will get the possible execution Parts.

And now the important Part, if you wish to autocomplete then hit (CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER) and also the Parameter Values will be generated:

Drag and Drop in SE80

The Drag and Drop Feature within the ABAP Editor is similar to the Autocompletion, but in addition you does not have to type any statement and you could easily Drag and Drop the Methods, Functions that you wish to call. The following steps should help you to use this feature:

  1. Go into the SE80 and make your Sources (for example Program, Methods, Functions etc..) editable
  2. Then go in the left Navigation Part of the SE80 Editor and open the Package or directly the function, Class which will you use
  3. Then click on the Function, Method and Drag it on the right side into your editable Sources
  4. The Statement will be generated

While you Drag the Method the Cursor will Changed into an + Sign

The Sources inclusive the Returning Parameter are generated.

Navigation in the Repository Search Control

Over a long working day you navigate and analyze a lot of coding. Your Navigation root is saved into the Previous Tree and Next Tree Buttons.

This would help you to find quickly your used sources:

Using the Previous Tree:

and the Next Tree Button:

Navigation stack and Worklist

For your current session the SAP System will save your Navigation stack. This stack could be displayed with the Menu

Utilities > Display navigation window or by using the Keyboard-Functions (CTRL + Shift + F4 )

Then the Navigation stack will be displayed at the bottom of your right Editor Control:

With the left or right Button you could navigate in the stack, or if your navigation stack is too long then you could maybe select all items by (CTRL + A) and DELETE the Items. This is really helpful but when you shutdown your system the navigation stack will be deleted...

Is there an other Option - Yes use additionaly the Worklist :smile:

after Opening the Worklist in the Menu with Utilities > Worklist > Display :

The great advantage of the Worklist is that the Items will be save permanent, and you have in the Comment Column the Option to comment some analysis Findings. Or Todo Notifications... Ok it is not comparable as the Mylyn Eclipse TODO Plugin, but it helped me a lot to organize my daily programming work!

  My experience is..

Try every Hint that could you speed up in programming. Some Tips work for you and some doesn´t.

It´s up to you to become familiar with every Option, that would help you to master your editor.

Try out the Tips. Look if it speed up your work.

Your experience is?

What is your experience with using the above Tips?

What was good and what could be implemented better?

Have you something diffrent that works for you?

  Further Information

Blogs in this Series:


This Series ends with this Blog. I hope that you find some at least interesting stuff.

If you have others and also useful Tips so dont hesitate and post a comment!

Cheers, Damir :wink: