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Dear SAP Practitioners,

Greetings for the day,

The document explains you, how to generate a transport request manually, when you do a configuration but system doesn't generates you a transport request.

Example: I was trying to cancel an excise invoice in transaction code J1IEX but it was throwing an error message, saying 'Please Maintain the Rejection Code' but there were no rejection codes available in the F4 option. In order to resolve the issue I've configured the same in path: SPRO - Logistics - General - Tax on Goods Movements - India - Business Transactions - Maintain Rejection Codes but when was done with configuration, the system was not generating a transport request automatically!!!. The result, I couldn't able to move the changes to neither QAS nor PRD systems from DEV system.


Please find the below steps to resolve the issue.

  • Go to transaction SE11. Open table J_1IREJMAS

  • On the menu bar, go to "Utilities -> Table Maintenance Generator"

  • In the block for ‘Dialog Data Transport details’, for the option 'Recording Routine', select the radio button 'Standard recording Routine' instead ‘no, or user, recording routine

  • Before


  • After


  • Ensure that the Authorization Groups has 'w/o auth. group' entered.  Authorization Group should be &NC&

  • While on this screen, save and go to the menu bar, "Environment -> Maintenance Objects -> Change.

  • In the ‘object attributes’ block, for the transport option, select 'Automatic Transport' instead No transport





  • Click the icon "Adjust to Dict.' this will adjust your object category.

  • Click the 'Check Consistency' icon. This will check for the Completeness of the maintenance view.

  • Once the consistency check is through, save.
  • Come back to the table structure (using backward navigation) and reactivate the table, if required (under normal circumstances, this should not be required).

Thank you for reading the blog.

Narayana N

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