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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Hi ABAP community,

for me the ABAP elementinfo in eclipse is one of the most powerful features of ADT. Whenever you need some information about a development object in the editor just click F2 and you have it. It is even more powerful since we introduced the navigation feature to display related type information in the popup as well.

Now with ADT version 2.73 a new features was integrated in the element info popup. Sometimes the elementinfo is overpacked with type information e.g. when checkíng the signature of good old ABAP function modules with lots of parameters. To quickly find the information you need we introduced now a search function in the element info popup:



You can open the search field via the toolbar button and you can start searching. Navigate through the findings is very comfortable via shortcuts (ENTER / SHIFT+ENTER) or the arrow toolbar buttons.