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So does the title peak your interest?   Maybe a little.  At least I hope a little.   SAPTeched has all the latest, the newest, the greatest, the, the, awesomeness ideas and topics.  My session?   My session is classic ABAP...  Really?  Hasn't it all been said, all been done?   Really, does any place still use classic ABAP?

Yes, I do love to start my blogs with questions.   Classic ABAP is KING.   Sure - right - your nodding your head at the screen thinking I'm not quite right in the head.  There are so many newer things.  Surely they are king.

ABAP is king:

Everything you use has an element of ABAP

If you don't know ABAP, it would be really hard to use anything else.  Or you'd be using ABAP and not really know it.

SAP is built on ABAP.  Look at any of the core SAP programs.

Configuration is easy to understand when you understand the way a table can be used in an ABAP program.

OK, so the latest and the greatest.  

Let me throw in here that I have yet to see HANA programming and intend to go to that session.   So that may be different.  But every other "New" thing that I've learned has had an element of classic ABAP.  Strange, right?  Or maybe not so strange when you consider it is SAP.  So my session is simply pointing out the synergies.  ( Synergies - I like that word.)   Anyway pointing out the synergies between ABAP and every other new / future application I can think of.   OK, at least some of them.  I wouldn't have enough time for all of it.

So what uses classic ABAP?      

ABAP objects - it's in the name, ALV Object, ABAP Webdynpro, ABAP Proxy, Enterprise services...  And I could go on.   So why would you ever let those classic skills go to waste.  You really need them to move onto the bigger and "better" things.

So now what will be in my session????  Anything you would like to know? 

OK, first off, my session is based on one thing - KISS - Keep it simple because I'm stupid.  Because of that baseline, you don't have any pre-requisites.  This is a beginner course.   Intermediate and advanced people may find it interesting.  And I WELCOME participation.   It's so much more fun when you don't have to listen just to me.

So what is it going to be about?  

ABAP OF COURSE.   Wait 5 seconds here while you glare at the screen.   I had to say it. 

So here's part of my agenda:

Quick Performance tips

     using fields symbols

     Short cuts finding/using SAP function modules

     Different fun debug features

     Tools such as SAT, ST12, ST04

     and more

ABAP Objects

     Showing how the relate to classic programming

     How to find them

     How to use them

ABAP Webdynrpo

     Showing how it relates to classic programming


And then a ton of tips in the appendix... 

If  I have time, I go through some of them.   Usually I use examples, and explain.  The slides are just "notes" for you.  

So when are my sessions:

  • CD115 - Tuesday, Oct. 22 - 10:15 - 11:15 Palazzo C
  • CD115 - Wednesday, Oct 23 - 9:15 - 10:15 Palazzo F

But check the monitors for changes!   Also if you see me walking around feel free to stop me.   I'd love to meet with you and talk about development, teched  or just about anything. 

My expert networking sessions, I'll do a separate blog on.  They are:

EXP11124 - Oct 22 - 12:00 12:30 Lounge 6

EXP11124 - Oct 23 - 5:30 - 6:00 PM Lounge 6  - this one could be fun!  It's late so I'm not sure how many people will show up.  It could be just you and me.

And so...  I'll try to start my next blog on expert networking sessions.   Regardless if you come to any of my sessions - I hope to see you there!!!!  It should be fun.  You'll get to hear about your favorite programming language - no not that one! - ABAP, ABAP is your favorite language.  :cool:

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