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After a year of big data breaches and widespread security vulnerabilities in open source software, which spawned the likes of Heartbleed and Shellshock, it’s easy to predict that cyber security will stay a hot topic for a while! Software vendors are hurrying up to dedicate more resources to security, to deliver better defense mechanisms in particular for infrastructure software – where most hacks have happened so far. That is all good, but what about security on the application level? What if the unpredicted happens and a business critical application gets in focus of the wrong? Can you even tell, whether your company WAS attacked? Not necessarily to come from the outside, as nobody is more dangerous than an individual with the right access privileges and the wrong intention!

Threat after threat – or something to win?
Detect unusual activities in your application landscape, in real time, so you can react immediately to suspicious activities. This summarizes in a nutshell the SAP Enterprise Threat Detection application, the security solution now available from SAP. This security solution combines the high-performance SAP HANA database with SAP Event Stream Processor (SAP ESP) software, and is a perfect example of what can be achieved with an in-memory approach. SAP Enterprise Threat Detection is also an interesting scenario from a business perspective, as a form of “assurance” for IT managers that facilitates the increased security of applications, information, processes, and transactions.

Join us for SAP’s introduction to SAP Enterprise Threat Detection, the new solution that will change the way of detecting possible attacks in real time, to give you measures at hand to analyze and calculate risk - to counter potential threats, before it can harm your business!

„Counter Security threats in your software environment and beyond“, Session ID: PT20277 Tuesday, May5. 3:00-3:45pm

and „Investigate a new way to mitigate Cybercrime“, Session ID: PT20266, Wednesday, May 6, 3:00-3:20pm and 5:30-5:50pm

And pls come and visit us at our booth for more information on SAP’s security offering (PT21196)

Looking forward to seeing you in Orlando!

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