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Short announcement blog, mainly for the abapGit users who occasionally still need to use SAPlink, that I've created an abapGit repository for it on GitHub at: SAPlink-Git

It is simply SAPlink packaged for easy one-step installation via abapGit.

The background is that the original SAPlink was't particularly difficult to install, but over the years it's become a bit cluttered during the various moves through different repositories. Nowadays its official home is also on GitHub at sapmentors/SAPlink , but that is just a straight migration of the original SAPlink repository into GitHub. It still requires several manual downloads and steps to install completely.

For more information on SAPlink and abapGit, see:

abapGit – so easy, and SAPlink – Thank you

Big shout out goes to lars.hvam who paved the way from ABAP to Git.
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