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SAP Vistex Introduction:-

  • Vistex is a third-party tool developed by Vistex Inc.  Which was founded in early 1999 and headquartered in Chicago, USA, Vistex solutions have been developed to cater special business needs based on different Industry.

  • It is an embedded SAP Add-On; it is NOT an external application. In other words, it sits on top of ECC itself and which means there is no system interface development (ECC-Vistex). The most recent release of the Vistex is IP.v 6.0D and just like ECC, It has a different set of objects and tables.

  • It is best suited to handle complex calculation like processing rebates, sales commissions, Bill backs, chargeback and Price deals in ECC and Incentives and Paybacks (IP) Module have been branded as Global Solution Extension Product by SAP, licensed and supported by SAP through the SAP Service Marketplace since mid-2004.

  • With the Incentives and Paybacks (IP) Module, the concept of an ‘order to cash’ process has been extended and an additional document – IP (Incentive and Payback) document is introduced and there is no need to include calculation for rebate, chargeback and sales incentive at Billing document.

  • This concept covers all possible scenarios that a business is typically challenged with during its purchases and sales activities and the following sub-modules are included in the IP module:

Usage -

Vistex provides valuable solutions to organization that operates in one of the following sectors:

  • · Wholesale Distribution

  • · Consumer and Commercial Products

  • · Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices

  • · Industrial Machinery and Components

  • · High Tech and Electronics

  • · Process Manufacturing

  • · Retail

Benefits of Vistex Solution:-

  • Provides unprecedented visibility into the breadth and depth of go-to-market programs and enabling businesses with insightful information that drive revenue, control costs and increase margins.

  • Accelerate cash flow and reduce vendor receivables by eliminating errors,disputes, delays and Reduce administrative labor overhead costs.

  • Streamline maintenance of master data that drive business transactions

  • Serving businesses of all sizes worldwide across a spectrum of industries

  • Automation of claims and payouts

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