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Here I'm trying to explain the SAP Vistex Chargeback Process in a simple words. This might not covers 100%  but at least give some idea for the beginners.

What is SAP Vistex Chargeback ? To understand Vistex Chargeback first we should know below Key terms / definitions.

Contract Reference # -> just a contract reference
Contract (bid) Price -> Price that the customer pays to Distributor
Acquisition Price -> Price that Distributor pays to the manufacturer. This also called as WAC ( Wholesale Acquisition Cost ) Price in Vistex,

Chargeback = wholesale acquisition cost (WAC price) - Contract price * Quantity.

Chargeback Process -

Source document for chargeback document is Invoice.If invoice is archived / contract reference # is not present ,we will use the claim document for chargeback document creation.

Invoice Document / Claim Document -> Create IP Document  ( Incentives Administration and Paybacks & Chargebacks ) -> IP Documents grouping -> Debit memo -> Chargeback Document (Credit / Re-Bill ) .


Key Transactions used -

/IRM/IPCBM   - Chargeback workbench  /IRM/IPCB21  - Large-scale chargeback document creation
/IRM/IPCB23  - Debit Memo
/IRM/IPCB35 – Standard transaction to display debit memos

/IRM/GCRUPL - Claim Upload

/IRM/IPPCM - Vendor Response

Key Tables Used 

/IRM/IPBKPF    - Accounting Documents

/IRM/IPCBHDR - chargeback header

/IRM/IPCBITM - chargeback Item
/IRM/IPCBDFL - Addbill document flow table which contains IP documents

/IRM/IPBBDFL - Bill Back Document Flow table which contains IP documents
/irm/ipcbadb - Addbill work bench

Using the above ,we can able to know what is SAP Vistex Chargeback and by exploring the tables and Transactions mentioned above we can attain more and in-depth knowledge on this.


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