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Now the final part to display the Outcomes.

5. Program to Display users Logged Information.

     Now display the Information in final output and check the created service is working fine or not.

  Now it’s show time.


       Create a Program with Select-Option (below image) and a blank screen.


     In start-of-selection event

     Generate Object for the CL_GUI_HTML_VIEWER.

      Call the below methods to display to generate the URL information based on the Entered User ID’s in input      field.

     a. GET_URL



In this method, I am passing the User ID, which is a range table.

Based on did query on ZLOGIN table and fetching the User Login Information.

Now, this is the method where I am storing the information in ZMAPLOC table, why?

It may be possible a user is accessing the system different places or same user id is used by different place by different users, so the location information could be more.

Created a Number Range Object ZURLID

Updating all information’s, like URL ID, City, User Name, latitude and longitude in ZMAPLOC table and creating the URL with URLID information.

If any information not found, then displaying an image from the MIME directory.

Call screen 9000.

In PBO of the Screen,

Call method SHOW_URL of the CL_GUI_HTML_VIEWER object.

1st time, it will ask User ID and Password of the SAP Login.

After Provide the Credentials,

              Final Output:

After select any of the marker a small info window will open to display User and Location Information (as display above image)

SAP User Tracking System - Part 4

Happy Learning..