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Dear reader,

we would like to inform you that the webinar on SAP Next-Gen Semesters and Projects has been successfully completed in four regions (DACH, EMEA, APJC, LATAM)!

In total, about 170 professors and lecturers and regional SAP colleagues involved in the SAP Next-Gen projects from over 20 different countries participated in our webinars. Universities around the world have greatly appreciated the webinars, and requests from all over the world are awaited with pleasure.

We would like to thank all for the participation in our SAP Next-Gen Semesters and Projects Webinar. Now, with recurring projects with universities and companies, we can turn students into attractive talents for the companies involved in the SAP Next-Gen project, drive innovation with new prototypes, strengthen the network of companies and universities, and apply SAP technology.

Special thanks to Katrin Redmann, Dr. Katharina Schäfer, Dr. Michael Nürnberger, Igor Belusov, Crispian Tan, Benny Sun, Celine Reichert, Maximilian Schimmer, Raul Sachdev, Gupta Mukesh, Lee Sumin, Maria Cecilia Calzada de Neumann, Maria Almeida, Lukasz Ostrowski, André Biener, Jan Knapp-Holldorf, Matthias Kim, and others who supported us!

Would you like to know more about the webinars and the feedback we have received?
Read a short overview.


The webinar empowered professors and lecturers to run real business challenges together and give students the opportunity to show their talents and present their prototypes to companies keen to be involved in the SAP Next-Gen project. We guided the professors and lecturers through the details and process on how to facilitate an SAP Next-Gen project or even semester at their campus. SAP is responsible for innovation worldwide and University Alliances is responsible for implementation at the universities.

The SAP Next-Gen Semesters and Projects Webinar for the DACH region took place on February 21, 2022. A total of 50 people participated in the webinar. Most of the lecturers and professors joined the webinar from Germany. Projects with universities from the DACH region were already carried out in the past. If you want to know more about them, check out our topic page!
Professors and lecturers from Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences and the Pforzheim University are enthusiastic about the SAP Next-Gen Semesters and Projects and would like to start a joint project this year. Discussions on how the future projects could look like are being planned with the responsible SAP colleagues.

The SAP Next-Gen Semester & Projects webinar for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) took place on February 22, 2022, just one day after the webinar for the DACH region. With a total of about 37 participants, the EMEA Webinar was the smallest event in this scope. About half of the participants were professors and lecturers mainly from South Africa. Despite the comparatively small number of university representatives, the webinar was a success and SAP is optimistic that it will continue to organize projects or semesters with educational institutions from the EMEA region in the future.

The SAP Next-Gen Semesters and Projects Webinar for the Asia Pacific, Japan and China (APJC) region was held on February 16, 2022. With a total of 66 participants it was the largest of the four webinars. Most participating professors joined the Webinar from India at 38 percent. About 25 percent participated from the Philippines, 22 percent from China, six percent from Japan, and about nine percent came from Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, or Australia. The webinar sparked interest from numerous professors and lecturers in the APJC region for an SAP Next-Gen semester or project. After an extensive Q&A session, several professors approached SAP with the intention of starting a joint project or semester. In the past year, various projects have already been implemented.

The SAP Next-Gen Semesters and Projects Webinar for the Latin America region (LATAM) took place on April 6, 2022. Despite different time zones, a total of 34 people participated, including professors from Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Peru and Spain. The LATAM webinar was very successful. Some professors and lecturers are highly motivated to start projects and invited the SAP team for further webinars in Brazil. SAP's efforts to change the experience with technology on their campuses was very well received. Last year, a co-innovative project took place with Faculdade de Informática e Administração Paulista (FIAP), a higher education institution in São Paulo, Brazil. This year a Co-Innovation Project is planned with Insper, a leading Brazilian School of Business and Economics.

The webinars not only brought a lot of joy and new insights to all SAP employees involved, but also inspired professors and lecturers. After those successful exchanges, we are very much looking forward to many future joint projects with universities worldwide and long-term collaborations.
If you would like to get more details about the webinars and their content, you can view the presentation with all relevant information. and statistics on the participants. In addition, you can view statistics to get an overview of the participants of all webinars as well as on a region level.

Have you always wanted to know what Design Thinking is and how such a workshop works? Sign up now and get started in our SAP Learning Hub!

If you still have unanswered questions about this topic or about SAP University Alliances and/or SAP Next-Gen, please feel free to ask us any questions.
Otherwise, feel free to take a look at blogposts that cover similar topics.

We look forward to seeing you at future webinars and events with lots of knowledge sharing and networking!
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