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I would like to inform our readers that SAP Security Patch Day blogs will be published in the Community Wiki starting this month.

SAP Security Response team publishes Security Patch Day blog on the second Tuesday of every month, i.e. on the day when Patch Day Security Notes are released that fix vulnerabilities discovered in SAP products. The blog gives a quick summary of notes released in that month along with their respective CVE-IDs, product and release information, note priority and CVSS scores. The blog also contains a graphical representation of the vulnerability types fixed and the note priority distribution over months. The Security Response team maintains an official space in the Community Wiki which lists all the Patch Day blogs and quick links to other resources. This official space serves as a central page for readers to navigate to the blog published every month.

Starting this month, we will be moving away from the Blogs domain and will be publishing the Security Patch Day posts in Community Wiki. This Wiki serves as a better platform to provide monthly updates on the patch day.


How to find the blog in Community Wiki?

Do note that the official space which serves as starting point for the readers to navigate our blogs remains as is. So one can continue to watch that space every patch day for the link to our latest blog.


Does the format of the blog change?

No, blog format remains the same.


How do I follow the author in Community Wiki to get notified about a new post?

The Community Wiki does not provide an option to follow the author.
Instead, interested readers can 'Watch' the official space to get notified every time a new post is published. (Note: In order to use this feature, the reader has to be logged in. If you would like to register, kindly visit



Will the old patch day blogs already published in be moved to Community Wiki?

No, the posts that are already published will stay in Blogs platform.


Will the readers have to look out for any major changes due to this movement?

No, except moving to a different domain for the monthly posts, there is no other change. The official space, i.e. the starting point to navigate to any patch day blog, ensures this domain change will be seamless for our readers.


For any more questions regarding this movement, please use the comments section below.