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Now more than ever people’s expectations are shaped by intuitive touchscreen devices and the software they use privately such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google, and Pinterest, raising the bar for the applications they use at work. Customers are increasingly telling us that user experience (UX) is the differentiator, not features and functions.

With such a large product portfolio, any SAP UX strategy cannot be a “boil the ocean” approach; it has to target the areas that will have the biggest impact. So, instead of closing themselves off in a meeting room with like-minded colleagues, SAP user experience and product leads invited customers to tackle the challenge together as one team. Driven by SAP's Sam Yen, Andreas Hauser, Gerrit Kotze, Nis Boy Naeve, Jörg Rosbach, and Volker Zimmermann, these were not high-level-sit-around-a-long-table-sipping-mineral-water meetings. Instead, all participants rolled up their shirtsleeves, got out markers and post-its, brainstormed, exchanged, debated, and analyzed. The workshops and iterations started in the spring of 2012 and concluded several months ago in Walldorf.

The result is pragmatic, yet innovative. Here's the big picture of the UX strategy that the customer / SAP team co-developed:

  • Provide consumer-grade UX for new applications
  • Renew existing applications by improving the UX of software supporting the most commonly-used business scenarios
  • Enable customers to improve the UX of the SAP software they use to perform their own mission-critical business scenarios

Download this short pdf outlining the strategy (8 pages, but about half are pictures, disclaimer stuff, etc.) to find out more!

Additionally, check out SAP Fiori, a major step forward in executing on the "renew" pillar of the strategy, and the SAP User Experience Community for more about design and user experience at SAP.

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