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SAP Meetup on Fundamental Conference 2021


AUGUST 11, 2021 | 2 PM UTC


The Fundamental Conference - a first time ever global virtual conference, driven by the Fundamental Library team. An event with the objective of bringing together all the Fundamental Library users, partners, designers, front-end development advocates and enthusiasts to discuss and unpack the future of modern enterprise design. A breakdown consisting of 9 sessions presented by outstanding speakers, all subject-matter experts in the realm of design or front-end development.


Our audience participation target was met, as we nearly had 200 people attending the conference, from all over the globe. As the conference was open to everyone inside and outside of SAP, we received great interest from both SAP colleagues, as well as external participants.


The goal of the conference was to bring awareness to the Fundamental Library, while simultaneously celebrating the milestones that we have achieved since the project’s inception. We also aimed to spark curiosity and start a conversation concerning the future of modern enterprise design in the context of open-source, cloud, development experience, inclusion, and user experience.


Speakers & Sessions

The Fundamental Conference consisted of 7 external sessions and 2 internal sessions. We kicked off the conference with intriguing topics, related to the world of front-end development, and wrapped up the external sessions with insightful topics on design and user experience. Our two internal sessions were delivered by two of our colleagues, showcasing innovative tools and technology around their work at SAP, using Fundamental components.


Speakers Session Title   Recordings
Tobias Ouwejan Frontend Tech Choices in 2021 Link
Ramona Biscoveanu Let’s Have Fun with Web Animations! Link
Dmitriy Shekhovtsov Peace of Mind with Typescript: Angular Edition Link
Marius Obert Web Apps on SAP BTP 101 Link
David Dunne You are a Designer. How to be a Better One. Link
Cherihan Hassun Design Research + Branding Strategy Link
Kalin Milanov Design Systems and Consistent User Experience Link
Jens Steckhan Take a Minute with Fundamental Link
Rajeev Jamaiyar Web Components Using Fundamental Library Link


Marius Obert Session on Web Apps on SAP BTP 101


Not only has our conference attendance met our objectives and expectations, but our marketing and communication strategies proved to be effective, as there was a significant increase in our overall audience engagement. More precisely, we have gained 122 unique visitors (625%) and 36 new followers (3200%) on LinkedIn within the short time span of only a month.


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