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Automation SAP mass activities

Technology used

SAP GUI scripting

Method of working

Record your activity in SAP, add custom variables, Loop it to do it repeatedly by reading

Values from excel sheet

Comparative benefits

There is no other tool in SAP which can automate activities partially. Portability is best in SAPGUI scripting . SAP GUI Partially automate a sequence of repeated activity. For example role creation , how to automate in such activities where consultant need to interfere in between and provide some inputs in system ? What if such automating scripts can be stored and executed from your desktop? This makes your automation one time activity for your entire lifetime. You can apply such scripts in any SAP system , you switch client, you switch systems, you switch network , you switch SAP products- doesn't matter.

Successful activities

Mass user creation fully automated, Table updates fully automated, Role building partially automated

Successful project

An implementation was done with just one Security consultant.

Required non SAP Skill

To execute scripts just SAP knowledge is enough. To create script a little bit of VBScript understanding and aptitude for programming required. Excel knowledge with Vlookup is added advatage.

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