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Following the successful launch of Fiori 1.0 in May 2013, we now have the “Wave 2” apps which extends the Fiori family from 25 apps to 206 apps.

Wave 2 is now officially called “SAP Fiori for SAP Business Suite 7 Innovations 2013” and Wave 1 is called “SAP Fiori for Releases prior to SAP Business Suite 7 Innovations 2013” – I’m going to stick to Wave 1 and Wave 2 in this blog to keep the length down J

At the time of writing the site has not been updated with the new portfolio (sure it will catch up). The best place to see a full list seems to be here.

So what is new in Wave 2 ?

New Apps

We now have content for ERP, SRM CRM, SNC, GRC, PPM (Wave 1 was only ERP and SRM).  SAP have also introduced the concept of application types. 3 Types of Application exist at the moment – Transactional (53), Fact Sheet  (69) and Analytical (84). The fact sheets require Business Suite on SAP HANA and the Analytical Apps require SAP HANA Live for Business Suite – more information can be seen here on the architecture. The picture below shows the recommended architecture if you were to run all 206 apps.

Enhanced LaunchPad

We now have an enhanced Fiori LaunchPad which allows for more personalisation  like favourites, groups and search. It seems to be evolving to offer a transactional alternative to SAP Portal and/or NWBC. You can see more information here. The picture below shows an example of this personalisation.

Enhanced Extension Guidelines

You can now extend Fiori apps in a modification free way, so that your modifications and the SAP standard UI are merged at run-time. You can get more information on this topic here.  The picture below shows the extension concept fot the UI components.

In summary, the SAP Fiori team have put a huge investment into this wave adding both content and architectural components that in my opinion mean that Fiori is now at a critical mass to be actively considered by anyone running Business Suite 7. It might be the catalyst to justify the upgrade to SAP Business Suite 7 Innovations 2013, run your Business Suite on SAP HANA and/or install SAP HANA Live for Business Suite.

The only way you will know will be to review the Fiori apps, figure out which ones add immediate value, figure out which one need to be enhanced and figure out what Fiori Style Apps you need to fill the gaps. This will give you your Fiori to do list which will drive your business case for adoption.

Well done Fiori Team.