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SAP Excel in Place

Applies to:

SAP NetWeaver 2004s, mySAP ERP 2005

Created on:



Gaurang Gujar, Capgemini ,  Consultant , Appsone.


Many times it is an requirement to add an derived field to standard ALV report.

Normally It will take a lot of coding effort to get a derived in Standard or Your Custom ALV List.

Good News is this document SAP is very thought full about it and has introduced Excel in Place using which

Coding for requirement is not reduced but made absolutely zero.

Steps to use this Excel in Place

Lets us take an Example of View SFLIGHTS

      The view looks like below

       Now Here we have Two Columns Seats Max and Seats Occupied

       Suppose there is a requirement to have a derived column seats available. It would require a lot of coding for the same.

       SAP Excel in Place comes to our Rescue.

     Step 1

       Click on Excel In Place Icon


          Enter the File Name


     Step 2

     Create the formula or Macro for the derived column

     In our case l2-M2 and Drag it down.

     Save the file and Close it

    Step 3

     Go to Change layout

     Go to view Tab

     Select the view as Microsoft Excel

     Click on Upload Document from BDS

     Browse the File We Created and Saved

     Our File appear in the List

       Select the same and click on Save

     Save the layout

     Click on enter


Seats available in Output

Excel in place can be used with Macro Recording with get derived Fields also Hide Columns’

with Value Zero and Many other stuffs

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