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Hi all,

You might have already noticed that the SAP UX Explorer just got released in version 3.0 and has some additional features. Therefore I would like to give you a short overview on how to use some of the features of the SAP UX Explorer.

I'm planning to update this section from time to time with new information. If you have a certain idea on your mind, that you would like to see covered in this document, please give us feedback

To follow all updates on the SAP UX Explorer,  I recommend the related Blog Latest News on SAP UX Explorer by my colleague juergen.jakowski.

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All the best,


How To:

Topic Toolbar

The topic toolbar is available on every topic detail page. It is located in the same line as the topic title on the right side of the page and consist of multiple blue icons. The icons allow you quick access to different functions as:

  • Explore topic in Semantic Viewer
  • Share topic
  • Print topic
  • Discussion in SCN (not available for every topic)
  • Add topic to favorites

Saving topics (MY FAVORITES)

You can save topics to access them at a later time, to compare or print them. On any topic detail page, for example “SAP Business Client for Desktop” click on the favorite icon to add the topic to the “MY FAVORITES”.

Repeat this step for each topic you like to save. The star icon is going to change from an empty to a filled star.

To access the saved topics, just click “MY FAVORITES” in the black header.

To remove a topic from “MY FAVORITES” you can select “Remove” in the “MY FAVORITES” behind the topic name or click on the filled star on the topic detail page. The star is going to change back from a filled star into an empty star icon.

Comparing topics

On any topic detail page, for example “SAP Business Client for Desktop” click on the star icon to add the topic to the “MY FAVORITES”. Repeat this step for each topic you like. Next to “MY FAVORITES” you see a number indicating how many topics are in the list “MY FAVORITES”.

Then click on “MY FAVORITES” and select the check box in frontof the topics you like to compare. If you have selected at least two topics the “Compare” button is going to be activated. Then click the “Compare” button to compare the topics.

You can compare up to three topics side by side in the desktop and tablet version. (This feature is not supported on the mobile phone version.)

Print Preview

You can print one or multiple topics of the UX Explorer.

To print one topic, select the printer icon on any topic detail page.

To print multiple topics, add them to “MY FAVORITES” first. Select the checkbox of the topics to be printed in “MY FAVORITES” and click on “Print Preview”.

The topics are listed below each including all facets. You can then select the “Print” button to print the topics. If you don’t want to use all the available facets, you have the option to select only the facets you are interested in. You do this by clicking on “Show options” above the first topic. Here select the check box of the facets you would like to include in the print preview.

Sharing a topic

You can share a topic of the UX Explorer directly from within the topic using the sharing icon from the topic tool bar. Here you have the option to share it via social platforms as:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter

Or you can send the link of the topic via e-mail. If you use the e-mail function provided here, exactly the URL shown in the address bar of your browser is going to be used, for example with a certain facet expanded. In addition is another e-mail function provided at the bottom of the page that will always use the URL to the initial topic overview page.

(Note: An account with the social media platforms is required.)

Accessing the Semantic Viewer

The Semantic Viewer is a tool to visualize the topics of the semantic network of the UX Explorer.

On any topic detail page, for example “SAP Business Client for Desktop” click on the map icon. A new window is going to open and the Sematic Viewer is displayed. (Only supported in Chrome browser at the moment).

I recommend to walk through the Online Help of the Semantic Viewer the first time you are using it. You can access the "Help" in the slide out menu at the right under the Help tab (?).