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We are constantly interested in hearing from you, be it things you like about our service or areas that may need improvement. Now, to enable you to give direct feedback easily and immediately, SAP Custom Domain Manager has an integrated feedback capability, powered by Qualtrics.

You can use the new Give Feedback icon in the header of the SAP Custom Domain Manager interface to achieve this. This feedback is in the form of a survey of three questions and a text box for comments.

The feedback is completely anonymous, and we do not collect any personal data.

SAP Custom Domain Manager Feedback Button

Depending on the frequency and what kind of feedback we receive, we will plan on how to implement the desired changes and also determine what areas need improvement.

To support this, please be as open, honest, and precise as possible.

Also, do note that this feedback functionality is not for support requests. For such cases, please use your SAP support channel, which is available for opening support tickets. The right expert can then get back to you about your specific request. As this feedback functionality is anonymous, it is not possible to directly contact you through this channel.

Finally, thank you for your interest in this short update. We look forward to hearing from you!
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