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The SAP support web site allows to search for incidents (OSS message created by current SAP customer).

There is a selection screen field named component. By trying to select a component, a popup appears showing all possible values (SAP component hierarchy) :

I try to find a way to download the all SAP component hierarchy. By searching on the internet "sap incident component list", i found a solution SAP OSS Note 36677 - Structure of components for customer messages.

==> An OSS note 36677 allows to download the SAP component hierarchy (file name is Component_structure.txt ; it has been zipped ; 24000 lines ; >1 MB). Here you can find screen shot of this file :

Then I tried to upload this SAP component hierarchy file into a SAP system. I created a report that is uploading the txt file and displaying it using SALV tree or grid. File is having 24000 entries. ==> the tree construction takes a long time.

Tree display looks like :


Grid display looks like :

The Report that is uploading the flat file and displaying data is attached.

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