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Continue to part 1 of SAP Communicator 2.0

SAP Communicator 2.0  Part 1

Chat Screen Characteristics


Selected use will be display under blue circle and the title will be the name of selected user.

By using button, user can add number of users in current chat windows. Once the number of users will increase, a thin scroll line will display (as in above picture) and user can scroll to select next users for chatting.

if user is receiving a message from a user who is not added in chat windows, then system will add the received user icon in queue.


(Document): by using this option user can send document to selected use. The respective user can store the same into their local system.


(Status): By using this option, user can set current status and the same information will appear all other users, who are currently chatting with same.


(Smiles):  This is the same option what we use in other chat application to express our emotions.


(Display old Chat): In initial release, given “earlier conversation” option to load older chat information. In this release, given a different option to choose dates to display older conversation.


  It's a range option to display old chat information based on entered date range.



In output window, dates are hyperlink, by selection of date the respective date chat information will collapse or expand.

At a time only one day chat will display.

Send document information

With this option user can send a document number through chat, received user no need to open respective t-code to display document contents with provided document no.

User only needs to select document number  (hyperlink); system will open an option window to selected document information or type like interactive ALV option.


To send a document number user needs to enter information as below,

##Document No

In above picture, user sends DD03L table information by entering below chat string in chat.


In chat window, the same will display as hyperlink. By selection of information a new pop-up window will open to selected document type.


After selection of document type, document will open in separate session with selected t-code/document type.

Listen chat information

This is a new option, to listen the chat text. As per written logic, if chat text contains more than 100 characters, then a sound icon will be display.


By selection of sound icon, user will be able listen the full chat text.

User notification on login:

If any online user sends any message to offline user, then after login in system respective user will receive another information pop-up, which will contains messages.


By selection of OK button, chat application will open, where user will able to see the same notification as number in front of every user.


Final chat conversion Output with all options:


System Configuration steps:

      Do not change name of any file, it may cause program display error.

Download sap communicator.rar from below GitHub link.

GitHub - ipravir/SAP-Communicatore-2.0: A chat application in SAP GUI

1. Unzip sap communicator.rar file, contains folders

    a. Header

    b. smiles

    c. objects

2. User ZSAPLINK program to upload all below files from object folder

    a. *.nugg

    b. *.slnk

    c.  Structures from structure folder

3. Structure information is attached in text file, which needs to be creating manually.

4. Transaction name should be

    a. ZCHAT


    c. ZCHAT_MSG

5. Enhancement SUSR0001 (T-Code CMOD) needs to be implement. Check ZXUSRU01 program.

6. Activate all objects (Domain, Data element, Class, Function groups, Programs)

7. Execute ZCHAT_ACTIVE program and follow all steps to create MIME folders, objects and initial data for all configuration related tables.

    Below folder will create in under SAP->PUBLIC MIME folder

The Application is created on SAP Netweaver 750 version with SAP GUI 7400.3.8.151 version patch level 8.

let me know if any error found on execution of program.

Happy Learning

Praveer Kumar Sen

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