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Sometimes, when we need the necesity to create a role using a SAP standard menu, we have the issue that the SAP standard menu assigned into the role contain empty/blank transacions, it produce a inconsistency in the authorization object S_TCODE assinging a blank space in the value of S_TCODE and put the status of the object in "Yellow". Example:

For remove this empty transactions of the our role menu, if we need a large menu, it will be very hard work, because identify the empty transactions in a big menu can to be hard task.

To identify this empty transactions quickly, the solution is mentioned in the following steps:

1. Go to table AGR_HIER (transaction SE16) and we select the following values:

     - AGR_NAME: The name of the role with the inconsistency (empty transactions)


     - REPORT: (= blank value). This is the transaction code field.

2. When we display the table with the values selected, it display all transactions with blank transaction codes, we shoudl look the "TEXT" column where we can check the descriptions of this empty transactions:

3. When we have listed all descriptions of the empty transactions of our role, we will go toPFCG transaction searching the transactions in the role menu with the descriptions listed, with this, we can identify quickly the empty transactions and remove it of the role menu. Example:

4. When we searched the description of the empty transactions and removed it, to ensure, we return to the table AGR_HIER and check again it with the values mentioned in the previous point, now thie table should to be empty:

5. The last step, we will proceed to enter in the authorization of the role to re-save and re-genarte it and check that the autohrization object S_TCODE dont have any empty transaction and also the status of it are in "Green"

Soure Note OSS: #1524185