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Before migrating to HANA platform, the custom developments in SAP need to be remediated for HANA compatibility as explained in SAP Note 1912445.

Steps to be followed:

1. Identify the code where modifications are required.

     Execute SCI for custom developments with check variants as 'FUNCTIONAL_DB' and 'FUNCTIONAL_DB_ADDITION' .


          Results of this execution will have different message codes whose handling is explained below.

2. Modification required for each message code.

     a. Message code SEL_CUST.


         Reason :  These error occur due to implicit sorting on cluster table.

         Solution : Add explicit sorting to the select query.



     b. Message code SEL_POOL.


               Reason : These error occur due to implicit sorting on Pool Table.

               Solution: Add explicit sorting to the query.


     c. Message code BIN_SEARCH


               Reason : This error is due to reading unsorted internal table with binary search.

               Solution : Sort internal table to be read with fields specified in binary search explicitly.


     d. Message code LOOP_AT.


             Reason: This error is due to AT NEW/ENDAT operation on unsorted internal table.

             Solution : Sort internal table on fields specified in AT NEW/ENDAT operation explicitly.


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