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Dear community: and now for something completely different. Some of you may know: I think of fun very seriously 😉 Seriously! After enno.wulff wrote about games in ABAP some time ago, I thought about making a contribution to bring some happiness to the community. You all know, smiling isn't always easy in these times ... all over the world 😞

But what type of game? Typical challenge for programmers would be a conversion of Doom for their favorite machines or programming languages (check this list). But that is out of the question here 😉

So we need something really community/family friendly. Ok, here is my contribution: "The ABAP quiz and paint game".

The game runs over several rounds. You have to choose from three answers to a question per round. One answer is correct. If you give the right answer, then you are allowed to paint something in 8-bit retro style on ALV cells (grid is 5x5). At the end the painting will be saved as a screenshot to your desktop. So you can show your colleagues your skills and highscores!

Here's a screenshot of my current developement. We are still a long way from having gold status. If you want, you can take a look at the source code on GitHub.

And now the community comes into play. I need funny and really hard to solve questions with three answers per each question. At the moment, I just added five examples. Something like this:

What are pragmas?

  1. Secret methods to get a deeper understanding of meditation.

  2. A collection of well known methods of a pragmatic development approach.

  3. They are program directives and can be used to hide warnings of various checking tools.

Please feel free to write a comment with your proposals. That would be great ... and fun 😉 And don't forget to pay attention to our "Rules of Engagement".


Best regards, thanks for reading/supporting and stay healthy



P. S.: Not tired of reading? Check this nice development by bernhard.haberstetter2.