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In cases where you would need to maintain texts for different regions

There is a t-code to maintain that: SE63

For smartforms we enter SSF in the of-code section

This is the screen you see then.

Now you would want to set in the languages say for example you have your smartform in EN

And needs conversion in FR.

Then you would need to change the Source and Target Languages accordingly.

In the Object name you have to enter the Smartform Name.

The below is the text that you created in your smartform:

Now you would go to your transaction SE63 enter the name of smartform ZTEST_TRANSLATION and enter the source language as well as Target.

Once you enter EDIT

The below screen opens

Now here /E represents the name of your Text element

Under this you would write your French text

Now when your Smartform Runs for French region this text appear instead of the English Text maintained.

Similarly when you create text modules, for each text modules translations can be maintained. In that case you enter the name of the text module in object name of SE63.

In SE63 you enter in Object Name the name of the Text Module

And you maintain the translation like before.

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