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What is the Q-Hackathon?

On October 21st and 22nd the 2nd part of the Q-Summit, the Q-Hackathon, took place in Mannheim at the MAFINEX Technology Center. The Hackathon is a competition that offers an opportunity to students immerse themselves in the data universe and develop unique solutions as part of one of four challenges. Each partner of the Q-Hackathon (IBM, SAP, PwC and Presize) set a challenge to which one could apply.
Within 24 hours, the formed teams of students had to design a solution for the given challenge and present it to a jury. The best solution was rewarded with 2000 euros in prize money.

The Challenge "Individualized Medicine"

As one of 4 partners of the Hackathon, SAP set the challenge called "Individualized Medicine" which had to be mastered by the participants within 24 hours.
"Individualized medicine is a new branch of medicine which uses new insights into molecular processes and the human genetic code but also individual factors like gender, age, or lifestyle for tailored prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases.
Providing such individualized drugs and therapies to each patient imposes many new challenges for the entire ecosystem of doctors, nurses, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies, and ultimately also the patients themselves." 
Hackathon 2021 - Q-Summit Mannheim

​​​​​​​As a starting point, each team was provided with generated patient and medical data and access to a set of cloud-based API’s for this data set that may or may not be included in the solution to build an application scenario. Basic knowledge about the ODATA protocol and RESTful API consumption and authentication in a preferred programming language was recommended in this case.

The goal was to create a vision, together with the students, of how this complex and urgent challenge can be mastered in the future. The challenge was driven, of course, by the desire to win the Q-Hackathon with one of the SAP assigned teams.

The Solution

After 24 hours of intensive work by the participants and supervisors, the goal was achieved! One of the SAP teams was able to prevail with the challenge against the 3 partners IBM, PwC, and presize and won the Hackathon!
The winning SAP team addressed the problem that 90% of medical data remains unused and designed a solution in which patient data is made available in a standardized form on one main platform on a global scale in order to reduce misdiagnoses.
It is impressive what the students were able to put together within 24 hours.

This year, the SAP participation and challenge in the Q-Hackathon was initiated by an SAP Customer Innovation & Maintenance team. Not only because of the victory of the SAP team, the Q-Hackathon was a great success again this year. Every year the event shows again the potential of the students and how they can change the world with future-oriented ideas. We are proud to have been a part of it.

Don’t forget to check out the details of students' solutions and access more information about the Q-Hackathon
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