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Zebra Printer Control Language (ZPL) has commands to build some basic shapes like Line, Box etc. They each have definite parameters like origin, thickness etc. which can be used. But in case the requirement is of any particular shape which is not covered in the ZPL, then we can use images to print them. The format of such image files should be of “.GRF”.

Steps to be followed to be able to use the image:

  1. 1) Create a .TIF version of the image file. The .TIF file should be without nay compression. To get a compression free image use the GIMP software. Portable GIMP can be downloaded from here
  2. In the GIMP window open your normal image file and Save it as .XCF file. Then open the .XCF file and Export it as a .TIF file. This gives a compression free image.
  3. Use the ZTOOLS software available on the Zebra website to create the .GRF files. Use the DOS prompt command line to use the conversion commands. For example for a file named image.tif to be converted into newimage.grf use the following

        cd c:\ztools

        zimaglit.exe c:\ztools\image.tif c:\ztools\newimage.grf

   4  Put this .GRF file in the relevant unix directory (AL11).

   5  Use the image in the program.

ZPL command to be used is ^FOypos, xpos^XGIMG.GRF, 1, 1^FS where IMG.GRF is the image to be used

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