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For the old output management in SAP (compared with new), the Output Parameter setting control how and where to trigger the output.  Generally, you can find those parameters in the below function modules:

  • Function module 'OPEN_FORM' for Script Form;  

  • Function module 'SSF_OPEN' for SmartForm;

  • Function module 'FP_JOB_OPEN' for Adobe PDF Form

As adobe form is more prevalent and it's common to encounter issues like FPRUNX102 'no job started' caused by printer settings when switching to a new form or a new printer. It's BASIS territory, but how to quickly check the printer/logical destination if it's adobe form ready from the functional/ABAP aspect?

1.Get the logical destination at the output

The printer name could default without user input by skip the setting window.

2. How the System check

The system use FORM 'check_printer' in include program LSPADSF01 to verify if the printer is suitable for ADS documents. Set breakpoint here or above-mentioned FM will be a good point to check.

3.Table check manually through printer type

Tcode SPAD will show details of the output device in one place.

  • If no authority to access SPAD, first get the short name by output device at Table TSP03L

  • Then get device type by short name at table TSP03D

  • Finally use FM: ADS_GET_DEVTYPE_ATTRIBUTES to check if it's ADS suitable. If output ADSTYPE is blank means it can't support adobe form output.

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