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I am going to explain, how to access locally connected printer devices and print our smart form to selected printer directly with default device settings in transaction SPAD  from the Report. Please follow the below process


Step 1Make sure that your user maintenance  settings for default device as shown below in SU01.  Need to add local printer to your system. We can maintain any local device in transaction SPAD to access the frontend printers.

Step 2We can get our locally available printers in report for your default device name by using the Function module 'RSPO_FRONTEND_PRINTERS_FOR_DEV' .


Step 3: We need to pass the required data to the parameters  to the smart form Control Parameters and Output options as shown in below.

Step 4: Execute the report, we can see the available front end  printers which are available.  Select any one of them to get print our smart form.



When you print smart form through LOCAL, the system sends the request to the printer using the Printer Driver installed on your PC. Printer name goes through the printer driver defined on the application server and linked to the printer in transaction  SPAD. Based on SAP versions, these can be called with different print control characters. This device configured in SPAD communicates with the printer driver in order to print through the selected frontend printer.


Thank You

Hope the above blog was helpful  🙂