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Many times we are usually not aware of the Kernel version updation. This updates may varies system to system. If a project has two systems, this update may be applicable to the single system only.

In such cases, we get into trouble, wondering why this issue is happening in only one system and why the other system is not getting affected parallely?

Below is the best example for that. I tried to explain the issue, which I faced recently.

Functional Issue :

In Sales order, When we redirect to Header/Item Partner tab, the standard layout seems to be changed.

Technical Issue:

Standard screens/subscreens are getting overlapped or vanished.



Go to Va03 -----> Double click on Item -----> Go to Partner tab ----> Select Ship-to-party Partner function---->  Click on more details

You will get the pop up screen as below:

In the above snippet you can observe, the Labels have been misplaced and the screens have been ovelapped.

The actual screen which is expected to be shown up is as given below:

If you compare both the screens, we can observe below things:

  1. "Unloading point" from "Further Attributes" Box has been jumped to "PO Box Address" Box.

  2. Labels "Further Attributes" and "VAT RegNo" have been overlapped.

  3. The box with Label "Communication" has been totally overlapped and thus its invisible.

After redirecting, it's captured that, screen number for "PO Box" is "301" and Screen number for "Further Attributes" is "5001".

So, we can definitely say that the screen "5001" is getting ovelapped with screen "301" in midway.

After analysing and debugging standard screens/ Searching for Custom enhancements / Searching for recent changes, at the end we found that nothing is hampering this above scenario.

Later on we found, Kernel version 749 PL 421 implementation was the true culprit for this issue.


To resolve this issue we will have to implement SAP NOTE 2620474 Address screen: Comments and unloading point overlap.

This is the only remedy to get this issue resolved after 749 PL 421 Kernel version update.


We need to implement SAP NOTE 2620474 Address screen: Comments and unloading point overlap in the respective system.


Implementation status for the above mentioned Note is "Can be implemented".


Cheers!! 🙂

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