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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi ADT community,

I have good news for you. Since today the new ADT client 2.64 is available on our eclipse updatesite SAP Development Tools

So just install the basic eclipse IDE via:

and include the ABAP tools via the updatesite: 

You may ask yourself what is new in Eclipse Neon?

Thanks to matthias.becker who wrote a nice little blog about the new features:  ABAP in Eclipse benefits from new platform features in Eclipse Neon

In addition we have some nice new additional features in the ABAP development tool for you.

Navigation within Elementinfo


The ABAP Elementinfo (shortcut F2 in the editor) is one of the most useful features of the ABAP eclipse editor. You can get very quickly structural information about tables, structures, classes or methods that you are using in your code.

With the new ADT client 2.64 we provide a new very cool feature. You already see the hand icon on the screenshot above? Yes, you can navigate now to other elements that are displayed on the popup. Very often you need structural information of nested elements. And this is possible now just by clicking on the element like the data element in the example above. The popup now displays the structure information of the data element.

Via the toolbar buttons on the bottom of the popup you can navigate back and forth within the element info. And you can even open the corresponding editor in eclipse in case you want to change an element. Therefore you can use the button on the right side of the toolbar.   

Have fun with this really cool nice feature.

Redefine Methods via Code Completion ( CTRL + SPACE )

Redefinition of methods in the class editor is now very easy in eclipse. You can just use the code completion in the editor to figure out which methods are inherited from the superclass:

After picking one of the methods just by clicking on the name the code is automatically added to the editor:

I think it is much more easier now to redefine methods.

Add ABAP Doc comment via Quick Assist ( CTRL + 1 )

Last but not least we offer a new Quickassist in the editor to insert ABAP Doc comments to your code. Just press CTRL+1 in the editor on an element where you want to define an ABAP Doc comment and you are done:

In case you already have short descriptions defined in the class builder the texts are automatically taken over to the ABAP Doc comment. More details about that you can find in the blog  New ABAP Doc Features with NetWeaver 7.5 by michael.schneider

Hope you like the new stuff and Eclipse Neon.

Warm Regards,


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