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Hello everyone!


When I started using Eclipse ADT I missed a functionality to organize all access to systems that I had in SAP GUI in workspaces:

SAP GUI Workspaces

By default, in Eclipse ADT all projects are displayed in a list:

Projects explorer

After some time I found in Eclipse the Working Sets utility.

With this utility, I can create project sets to organize all access to systems.

Creating Working Sets

To create new Working Sets you need to access to the projects explorer view options and choose "Select Sets":

Select Working Set

In the Select Working Set popup you can choose the Working Sets to display in the project explorer and create a new one, choosing the projects contained in the Working Set and naming it:

Create Working Set

The last step is to choose the Working Sets as Top level representation

Top level Working Sets


With those steps, you can organize all your projects in Eclipse ADT using Working Sets.

If you have some feedback please write it in the comment section.

I hope this can help 🙂